BIG checkboxes

Getting older, it’s getting harder to see and click those tiny checkboxes…



input[type=checkbox] {
/* Double-sized Checkboxes */
-ms-transform: scale(2); /* IE */
-moz-transform: scale(2); /* FF */
-webkit-transform: scale(2); /* Safari and Chrome */
-o-transform: scale(2); /* Opera */


CAN YOU SEE THEM NOW? Ah, good. That’s all right then.

Brought to you by dept-of-coding-by-copy-and-paste.

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  1. Coding productivity would drop overnight if StackOverflow disappeared… ;p

  2. Tried this in Apex for a form level checkbox. Didn’t change the size at all. Any idea?

    • Hi Andrew,

      There are a number of things that may be causing this for you – I’d check the generated html first and use the inspector to determine if the CSS is being applied or not. I’d also try a different browser, and try setting up a testcase on

      If none of that helps, send me the link to your site and I’ll have a look.


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