I’m off to InSync10

Perhaps you were introduced to APEX in a similar way to me.

When I started using APEX, I was pleased to see a good selection of simple themes and templates I could use straight away. There was no need to worry about creating a consistent look-and-feel across my applications, I could dive right into building the features and quickly produce good-looking prototypes and finished products very quickly.

As I became familiar with the product, I soon started exploring those sections in Shared Components entitled “Themes” and “Templates”. They looked intimidating at first, but as I fiddled with them I soon learned their usefulness and power – and soon was able to customise the look and feel of my web sites, so that they no longer looked so generic and “APEX-ey”.

I’ll be speaking on APEX Themes and Templates at the InSync 2010 conference in Melbourne, 16-17 August. This will be my first time speaking away from my home base in Perth.

The draft program has been published, and it looks like it will be huge. Over 130 presentations are already scheduled, my primary interest being the “Developer” and “Database and Technology” streams, which include the following:

  • Meet the CBO in Version 11g (Penny Cookson)
  • DEV Super Session: PL/SQL Developer Quiz Thyself (Steven Feuerstein)
  • Indexing New Features in Oracle 11g Release 1 and Release 2 (Richard Foote)
  • Oracle SQL High Performance Tuning (Guy Harrison)
  • (Obscure) Tools of the Trade for Tuning Oracle SQLs (Tony Jambu)
  • DBA Super Session: Reorganising Objects – when and how, and DEV Super Session: Things You Know (Tom Kyte)
  • 11g Features for Developers, and Partitioning (Connor McDonald)
  • DEV Super Session: Real Application Testing – I Love It (Mogens Norgaard)

…and that’s just some of the sessions I’m particularly interested in. Unfortunately I’m going to miss a number of them because they run concurrently – I’ll have some choices to make closer to the day.

Back on the topic of APEX, I’ve been playing with 4.0 in a VM, and comparing it with the previous version (3.2.1). Nothing really startling, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see how the themes and templates have been improved. Overall the new version looks quite good – I just need to find time to upgrade my “real” instances.

I hope to see you in Melbourne!

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