Dirt Cheap Oracle step #1 of 6: The Machine


My main computer, used by my wife as well, runs XP and I want to remove Oracle from it because it takes too long to boot up, and Oracle can suffer when I run CPU-intensive applications on it.

In spite of my asking very nicely, none of my friends, family, in-laws, or colleagues had any old computers lying around they didn’t need, so I’ve done a bit of shopping around. An ad in the local paper pointed me to McLernon’s Supply & Demand, an auction house which sells heaps of old office furniture and computer equipment. They had just stacks of secondhand computers, mostly from DOLA (Department of Land Administration) (who, coincidentally, I once worked for), and I picked up a good PC for $99. It had 512MB of RAM so I also got a second half-gig for $50.

This is the hardware manifest:

  • 1 x Intel P4 2.0GHz, with 512MB RAM, 40GB HD, onboard video & network: $99.00
  • 1 x 512MB RAM: $50.00
  • Network cable: free (was in my box of computer junk, left over following an upgrade of my router)
  • DSL-G604T 4-port+wireless ADSL Router: $86.00 (secondhand via eBay)
  • Labour: free (me)

It’ll use my existing broadband to access the Internet. I’m on a $49.95/month plan from iiNet.

TOTAL COST: $235 upfront, plus the monthly broadband cost.

(not mentioned: a KVM switch, dirt cheap for $35, just for convenience while setting it up)

From here on in, there’ll be no further outlays; free software only!