Quick tip: List all tabular forms

I needed to get a list of all the tabular forms in my application along with which table they were based on. This query did the trick:

select page_id
      ,attribute_02 as data_source
      ,attribute_03 as key_column
from   apex_application_page_proc
where  application_id = ...my app id...
and    process_type_code = 'MULTI_ROW_UPDATE'
order by 1, 2;


  1. Andreas Wismann
    21 October 2019 - 7:54 pm

    Hi Jeff,

    thanks a lot!
    However, if the “Multi Row Update” Processing was replaced with some custom PL/SQL (e.g. in a database package), the query on APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_PROC alone would miss out on some of your Tabular Forms – in our case, all of them 🙂

    This query would find the Tabular Forms along with their base tables – if applicable:

    SELECT -- * or this essential column suggestion:
          ,p.attribute_02     AS data_source
          ,p.attribute_03     AS key_column
      LEFT JOIN apex_application_page_proc p
        ON (p.workspace = r.workspace AND 
            p.application_id = r.application_id AND
            p.page_id = r.page_id AND 
            p.region_id = r.region_id AND
            p.process_type_code = 'MULTI_ROW_UPDATE')
     WHERE r.source_type = 'Tabular Form'
     ORDER BY p.application_id, p.page_id;

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