A quick browse of the Beta APEX 18.1 documentation

Noticed a few additions, one one omission.

    • APEX_EXPORT – new package with supported methods for exporting APEX applications and other scripts into a CLOB: get_application, get_workspace_files, get_feedback, get_workspace
    • APEX_JWT – new package for JSON Web Tokens – encode, decode, validate
    • APEX_SESSION – new procedures: create_session, delete_session, attach, detach
    • Missing documentation: Legacy JavaScript APIs – not sure if anyone will miss this, they could just refer to the 5.1 documentation for this
    • I should mention also the new format for the APEX Javascript API reference. Lots of TODO’s 🙂

What I’m particularly looking for is a good reference for the interactiveGrid API. Hopefully they’ll add this soon. There is a reference for a “grid” widget but that is not the API for interactive grids. I notice there are APIs for actions and model which are relevant to interactive grids.

Any other changes I’ve missed?


  1. Thanks for the list, Jeff. A few interesting packages in there. Apex_Export might replace the java based exporter and splitter. Apex_session looks interesting to create/mimics apex from a sql dev environment.

    The action widget is also relevant for menus.

  2. christian neumuelelr
    14 March 2018 - 4:48 pm

    The 5.1.4 and 18.1 Java exporter is based on APEX_EXPORT. Main reason to create the package was to provide a stable API for sqlcl.

    Another important new package is APEX_EXEC, especially for plugin developers. I think Carsten already put some examples online.

    There were also some additions to existing packages.

    – APEX_JSON: to_member_name, get_t_varchar2, get_t_number, get_xmltype_sql. The get_date, get_timestamp, get_timestamp_ltz and get_timestamp_tz are now supported.

    – APEX_UTIL: set_parsing_schema_for_request. Call e.g. in DB init code to switch to a different workspace schema for parsing.

  3. Christian,
    I thought APEX _JSON is going to die…
    Now there are new units introduced.
    Will instead APEX_JSON live on – e.g. just as a wrapper for the “nativ” JSON-stuff in 12c/18 and higher?

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