I’ve enjoyed reading and participating in StackOverflow for over a year now.

With the introduction of Area51, there is now the possibility of starting a new Q&A site for all things Oracle – as pointed out by Rob Van Wijk and Gary Myers. Sure there are other fora such as OTN, but they don’t have the kinds of features that make SO fun and self-moderating. SO is more like a cross between a Q&A forum and a wiki, with the addition of a democratic system of reputation points that allow good questions and answers to bubble up to the top.

If you agree, please head over to Area 51 – Oracle Databases and Follow it to voice your agreement.

Single-Point-of-Definition by Example
My favourite 11g thing


  1. Jeff, there already is one under the old StackExchange model:

    However, it didn’t seem to gain much traction as you can see.

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