AUSOUG Perth Conference

I’ve been in bed the last few days with a virus, but I should be ok in time for Monday. Had a look through the programme, and again it’s chocablock with very interesting titles. Quite a bit of Development Blue, but not so much DBA Cyan this time (unfortunately, in my opinion). There’s a lot of Apex sessions which I’m guessing reflects the growth of interest in Apex development here in Perth.

2008_Program_perth.pdf via

Highlights for me include:

  • 11g New Features for PL/SQL developers – Dr Timothy S Hall
  • Creative Conditional Compilation – Scott Wesley
  • What is coming in Oracle Application Express and SQL Developer – David Peake
  • How Ugly is that Apex Report? – Penny Cookson
  • Back to basics: Simple database web services without the need for SOA – Chris Muir
  • 11g features for developers – Connor McDonald
  • Boost performance with PL/SQL programming best practices – Dr Timothy S Hall
  • The SQL and PL/SQL Results Cache – Penny Cookson
  • Converting from Oracle Forms to Oracle Application Express – David Peake
  • Advanced UI Presentation Techniques – David Peake
  • Babbage vs Oracle – Scott Hollows

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend all the above sessions so I’ll have to make some hard decisions 🙂

I’m talking about APEX…
APEX, More APEX, a bit of PL/SQL, ACEs and Babbage

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