AUSOUG National Conference 2006

Just read the latest draft timetable, looks like there’s going to be some very interesting presentations this year. It looks a lot bigger than before, mainly because of the merger with Apps. I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • “The future of database technology from Oracle Development” (Mark Townsend, Oracle)
  • “Being a successful developer with Oracle” (Connor McDonald)
  • “Systematic Oracle performance tuning” (Guy Harrison, Quest)
  • “The next-generation self-managing database: a sneak preview” (Mark Townsend, Oracle)
  • “Next generation Oracle database availability: a sneak preview” (Mark Townsend, oracle)
  • “Odds and ends” (Connor McDonald)

My curiosity has been piqued on these ones as well:
  • “Adding wings to your SQL development” (Howard Ong, Aurora Consulting)
  • “AP Imaging – remaining a step ahead” (Jacinta Savage, Uni of Melbourne)
  • “Guaranteed project failure” (Julie Harris, DFEEST)

Buzzword alert! 😉
  • “Accelerating the journey to Fusion” (Roland Slee, Oracle)
  • “Web Services, SOA & BPEL – a primer” (Basheer Khan – Innowave Technologies)
  • “Understanding the Fusion technology stack: preparing for the future” (Tim Blake, Oracle)

Townsend features a bit more this year, and I’m sure McDonald’s presentations will be entertaining as usual. Penny’s only doing one session this year, however – mind you, that one could be a fairly involved hands-on session with Application Express.

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