Multi record select form and record locking

I’m building a very simple set of Oracle Forms for a customer who has very simple requirements. The form will allow one set of users to enter “payments”, which eventually get turned into requests for cheques to be sent out from the organisation. Each payment must go through an approval process – another set of users will open another form which will list all the payments that have been entered, select some or all of them and mark them as “Approved”.

To implement this design, I have one form which allows the users to enter the payment details; this form allows users to both insert new payments and update existing ones. Once a payment has been marked as “Approved”, they can only view but not edit them.

I’ve created a second form for the approvers, which lists all the payments that have not yet been approved, and gives them a simple checkbox. They tick any or all of the payments that they wish to approve, and click the “Approve” button. The button just sends an array of payment IDs to a database procedure which does a bulk update on the payments, setting their status as appropriate. Simple, right?

The one complication here is that this is a multi-user system, and it is quite likely that a users might try to update a payment at the same time as the approver is trying to mark them as approved. My first test of the forms indicated that this would cause a record locking issue:

In session #1, I open the payments form, query an existing payment, and start editing one of the fields. Oracle Forms automatically locks the record for update.

In session #2, I open the approvals form, tick the same payment, and click the “Approve” button. The form complains that it cannot reserve the record for update and the error logged is “FRM-40735 WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-04068.”

To solve this, I go to the checkbox item in the approvals form and add this code to the when-checkbox-changed trigger (the checkbox item is called PAYMENTS.SELECTED):


Now, when the user tries to tick a payment that is currently locked, the LOCK_RECORD causes the form to attempt to lock the record. The “unable to reserve record for update” error still appears, after which the trigger un-ticks the record automatically.

If the approve gets to a payment first and ticks it, the record will now be locked until the form commits the status change; this ensures that other users cannot modify the record until the approver either approves the payment or cancels out of the form.

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  1. Thanks, Good one

    I faced the error of locking “could not reserve record keep trying”, when i was working with multi forms, then to overcome this i decided to open any form with NO_SESSION paramter, to force any user to issue one database session at maximum

  2. gotta love an elegant solution. sometimes I miss forms… 😉

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