Must See: AUSOUG Connect 2016 Perth


If you can get yourself to Perth in November, you must try to get to AUSOUG Connect. Here is my “Must See” list based on the current program (subject to change):

Monday 7 Nov

Tuesday 8 Nov

  • 10:00 APEX PluginsLino Schildenfeld
  • 11:00 Sage RecipesSage
  • 13:30 Towards a Standard TAPI – (me)
  • 14:30 Mastering Dynamic ActionsScott Wesley
  • 15:45 eBus on Oracle Cloud – Nadia Bendjedou

Lots of APEX goodies, a new (to me, at least) database IDE, plus plenty of solid Oracle database content – there’ll probably be a few conflicts leading to some decisions to make on the day.

I’m looking forward to a long-awaited return of the AUSOUG conference series – I hope to see you all there.


  1. You’ll have to change your mind on my 8:30 session, I can’t do that many sessions!

  2. fixed, thanks 🙂

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