Not an OpenWorld post: AUSOUG Conference Day 1

A great start to the Perth conference, great to catch up with old and not-so-old friends.

Listened to Tim Armitage from Oracle talk about database independence and why it’s just not needed due to the range of features Oracle provides for no extra cost.

Snuck into Penny Cookson’s demo of an Apex application she’s been working on for UWA. Quite a few tricks I hadn’t heard of, some of which will solve some niggling issues I’ve had on my applications. One simple one is the use of an application item to hold the previous page, to support reverse navigation from a page which has multiple entry points.

This afternoon will be time to stretch my knowledge a bit: Collin Klepfer on “Database Growth: Problems and Solutions”, and Gilbert Standen on “JVM Cutover for Oracle Forms” which I’m sure will mostly go over my head but I’ll pick up something about the replacement for JInitiator.

I suspect there’s a bit of “OpenWorld Envy” going on. It seems Penny wasn’t able to make it to SF and in her talk pointed out the fact that most blog references to Chris Muir at OW were about beer, specifically the consumption of it at various pubs.

I’m sure this tension will make for a spectacular show tomorrow evening with “The Great Oracle Development Tools Debate” featuring Penny and Chris, as well as David Shields, Vinod Patel (a current colleague of mine) and Scott Wesley (a former colleague of mine).

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