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I build simple and dynamic database-driven web sites using Oracle Application Express (Apex).

Here are a few of them:

2013-2014: SYG Signup and Central Scoring

SYG Central

Two applications in one, for State Youth Games – one to allow players to sign up, and one to collect and publish the event scores, uses the new multi-interface feature of Oracle Apex 4.2, which allows it to automatically decide whether to present a “Desktop” style or “Mobile” style site to the user’s browser, depending on the characteristics of their device. It successfully accepted registrations from over 930 players for SYG, and a copy of the application for Masters Games later that year was also successful.

In 2014 the site was further improved and expanded for use by multiple separate but concurrent clients – serving State Youth Games, Masters Games and GI Games. The site is now capable of catering to any number of different organisations and competitions, allows registration and management of both players and volunteers, provides dashboards for administrator and team coordinators, tools for team planning and player-to-event assignment, provides event result data entry and online publishing with leaderboards and detailed event results.

2012: My Home Contents

My Home Contents

My Home Contents (AU) was launched in early 2012 (in a blaze of very little publicity) to help people keep track of their special home contents and their book, CD, and DVD libraries. It allows them to enter the ISBN of a book, which in many cases will automatically load the details of the book and a cover image. It is useful for keeping track of the warranty details for significant purchases.

The site runs 24×7 on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with user-uploaded content stored on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

It even has its own Facebook page (one like), Twitter handle (two posts and one follower) and blog page (one article). So far, so good. (Hey, I’m a designer and developer, not a marketer…)

2011: Foothills Church of Christ

Foothills Church of Christ

This web site was designed for Foothills Church of Christ primarily as a source of information for visitors to the church; and secondarily as a launching point for members to access a number of other tools and resources. The front page features all the information needed for a visitor who just wants to know “when” and “where”.

The site’s look and feel was built based on an image painted by a graphic artist (another church member), and was constructed as an Apex template from scratch. The pull-down menus and the photo gallery (which cycles and fades between a set of images) were incorporated into Apex using simple Javascript components.

The site runs 24×7 on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with images and mp3 resources served from Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

2010-2012: Hills Team

Hills Team

The Hills Team needed a simple site to take team member registrations for the annual State Youth Games (SYG). This site, updated in 2011 and 2012 (superseded by the new State Youth Games site in 2013), allowed young people to easily sign up using an email address or mobile phone number, pick their preferred events, and are kept up-to-date about their assigned events and teams.

Behind the site is a comprehensive team management system, including a preference management tool that allows the team organizers to find an optimal assignment of participants to their preferred sports, with the (often competing) goals of minimizing disappointment, adhering to the SYG rules and guidelines, and responding quickly to late additions, cancellations and event changes. While the site doesn’t help the team win the event, it certainly takes a lot of pain out of coordinating the team.

The site used a custom authentication scheme which allowed players to sign up without having to log in straight away. About half of the team registrations in any year are from new players who are unfamiliar with the system, so as much of the friction in getting through the registration steps was removed. For example, login details (so the player can get back into the system later on, while protecting their privacy) are created automatically and sent to the player by email or SMS. The initial registration only asked for the bare minimum of details that are required; further details is gathered later. Also, some players are more concerned about playing sport than sitting down at a computer to sign up, so they’ll ask their partners or siblings to sign up for them; so the site was designed to cater for people signing up multiple players.

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If you need a custom database-driven web site, and think Apex may be suitable as a platform, feel free to contact Jeff on to discuss your requirements.


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