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Never mind…

November 20, 2013

Update: thanks Christian for pointing out that I mistook this – it’s not CLIENT_INFO that I was using, but CLIENT_IDENTIFIER – and that behaviour hasn’t changed.

I’ve just gotten around to reading the Patch Set Notes for Apex 4.2.3, and noticed this bit:

8.5 Changes in How Oracle Application Express Populates CLIENT_INFO in V$SESSION and GV$SESSION
The Oracle Application Express patch set changes how Application Express populates the CLIENT_INFO value in V$SESSION and GV$SESSION. The new information in this field is workspace ID, followed by colon (:), followed by the authenticated username.

Tip: You may have to adapt database instance monitoring scripts which interpret CLIENT_INFO and expect the previous content for Oracle Application Express sessions (username ‘:’ workspace id).

I have no idea why the patch set notes talk about “workspace id” here, since as far as I can tell, Apex actually puts the session ID there. I haven’t tested this in 4.2.3 yet though. Anyone care to verify this for me?

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    we use 2 calls when setting up an APEX session:


    The set_client_info populates v$session.client_info and set_identifier populates v$session.client_identifier. It’s the call to set_client_info that changed. Your application context identifier should be the same as before.


    • Thanks Christian! I’ve updated my blog posts accordingly.

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